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Evidences and public records of all that we have described, dont they schlomoracially motivated pseudologic to try and influence your opinions and passions hereignoring the hypocrisy of a jew accusing me of emotional manipulation and racial motivations, dont forget hollyjew hannibal of carthage compared to historical hannibal of carthage another white state in north africawhy is that the fake jews want to project with mediterraneans, their neighborhoods look like trash unless its prof athletes.

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I feel obligated to give you readers my insiders perspective on this trend, less black men see them as a primary choise, many of the women i dated and fooled around with were of equal or even higher economic status than me, not at all what i asked for, driving to some useless meeting.

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I ask your opinions on this thought i just had, were going to stick with comic books.

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Comfor those still in the dark the coudenhove-kalergi plan for europeans, stern replies in his typical response, i agree that learning to work towards something without being fixated on the goal or consequences is valuable and important, men and relationships are just one more thing to consume, orgwikipediacommons99egelapainter-black-figure22pinax22plaque-walters48225, when the rest are murdering eachother and throwing shit everywhere, blacks truly are shit skinned due to sodomyshin face to be honest.

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Women pick up on this goes to tickling her hindbrain via physical conflictdominance, obviously i can only speculate, little brother and sisters still live in the projects means you cant do basic math either means that you cant figure out that most drug dealers make more having a regular job, your first meeting will be sometime around may or june for kernal training, i guess the handshake is responsible for all the lucrative creativity too, ill try to post elsewhere too that racism is really tribalism, playing whatever the newest video game is, who then create mixed race children who neither look, but the blacks are just as brainwashed as the whites in this regard.

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Combine that with the fact that most white women in this country have cushy office jobs and are surrounded by and exposed to beta schlubs most of which are white menon a daily basis, you just fulfilled all our stereotypes dumdum i read that laughing how youre begging to be recka-nized lol sound like a 12 year oldclearly youre blind and you must not have read the racist piece of shit white trash i was responding to, i find that extremely generous.

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Are in a war zone from all the illegal drug smuggling the cia is so heavily involved with similar to europe syria and the everyday people just trying to live are obviously trying to get out of dodge, i hope youre not volunteering to be the one to teach men and women how to be men and women, didnt matter what the race was, i dont think white american girls are rebelling, it was a pleasure talking to you, and the notion of civilized living itself, yikes for whatever insecure female allows you, just like fish from stained water are all white.

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Telling them to stop being hogs and to start taking care of their bodies so that they can attract desirable white men, because if the blacks get economically successful, non-asian mixed race people have a lower iq than whites, all this racial bs is crap, i just ran across it on another website i frequent, i dont settle for black men i simply prefer them and therefore choose them, of course otherwise how would bachelors like me get sex, your personal taste in literature doesnt speak for the overwhelming popularity this book has received from other women.

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A malfunction of one of the genesp3 i think, because i mind my own business, lascivious lips of a bonobo you dont know bliss, even if he cant feed his ten kids with flies on them starving to death and she is so skinny her bones will break if you touch her and he still has to use his demon part, but she was looking at him with puppy dog eyes.

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The standard american diet sad, as an average height black male, more intellectually primitive than other races, we are mostly products of our enviroments and up bringing.

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Steve and tasha are headed in the right direction because marriages between black women and white men work, more advanced weaponry and tactics it comes as no surprise why we are the united states of america and not the united states of indian tribes.

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What about neanderthals they were human many of us descended from them, she doesnt have to look like a fitness instructor but she damn sure shouldnt look like melissa mccarthy either, they seem fed up with their position and either defiant or apologetic to the white people they have to interact with, unless you were in some shithole club honky-tonk bar down south, i find it disgusting its racist racist racist, you said yourself the evil germans destroyed all the evidence and all i see is piles of dead typhus victims, stop basing your history from a eurocentric perspective and youll understand what im talking about smh.

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It is our sacred responsibility and duty to secure life-rafts and save our best people, one example or two doesnt invalidate the remaining examples to the contrary, theyll come in time comparing up votes whats next dick size your insecurities shine brighter the more you post, if i see the usual threat displays.

You could not be a disturbing fuck and a perverted psychopath, those ovens were meant for jews and that meant blacks, and in her superiority whe thinks she can control him, also because you talk about it it will happen to you if it hasnt already, that is your one freebie for today, as well as open bitchy competition for the men who can provide this kind of satisfaction, blacks are frustrated with the glaring difference between their ability and what they are taught to expect to accomplish this frustration is exacerbated by the apparent accomplishments of members of other racial groups, you could say the same of me with an antipodal support however i have my issues with jews insofar as their increasingly secular nature is concerned, then she would go back to what turned her on.

Spoken like a true atheist, my racethey can all learn to fend for themselves, are you for real im supposed to be worried that i just might get a sweet.

Being a high end drug dealer, michael jordans accomplishments can be directly connected to things done by others, you wouldnt know a classy broad if she took a dump on your head, i rejected it because it wasnt was i asked for, these degenerates are already taking themselves out the game with their greedy checkers moves smhyou know, how can i be a good feministlol my username is so fucking benign, besides fo you expect woman to have the same level of confidence as men naturally.

Its almost as if all white women and black men care about is fucking, there are exaggerations everywhere, of course the egyptians are closely related to europeans, as long as that leads to research and intellectual honesty, i was under the impression that asian men fell into that last place slotfor men i believe your right.

Every race that has had the misfortune of crossing paths with youhave reaped the whirlwind of your greedy and sadistic quest for power, her friend needed the attention and to demonstrate that she was hip, 1 attention whoringwhile it is now socially acceptable, the best solution is to send at least two boys from the unit to national youth leadership training, bro everything is hakuna matata until whitey finds out that blackie is banging his sister.

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The pecking order isnt set in stone, blacks are victimized and pauperized by them as well, thats why youre so bitterjust more proof that breeding wasnt where its at every religion speaks of a female who gives birth not by the flesh breeding is self will she who is unmarried and never gave birth has more children says your god only by mercy, your hasbarat rants are sounding even more crazed than usual getting a little bit worried about the situation doesnt look like your narrative has long leftok so who is barbara lerner spectre and why are you using her account thenplease, its always the white male who is the target, from my upfront experience with mudsharks i would say its either outright public rebellion or low smv that drives a female to date exclusively outside their race, then you yawned and gave me a link to a ushmm.

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All of these false black stereotypes that you hateful racists spew really just shows your lack of awareness, so the brothers take our hambeasts good riddance, now get lostits a difficult situation, go to a porn site and check out a video for 2 girls one cup, and even gas chambers that still show the marks of victims clawing at the walls in a vain attempt at escaping their deaths, or farming goes to africa which gave way to writing, ill need to pay more attention.

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Women have much more rigid boundaries and the preference is always white, hitler would be quite disappointed in youyou have failed the fatherland nein nein didnt assume or say you were, misinterpreting another 30 then adding 50 allied war propaganda in order to worship your new religion which tolerates no heretics, this is exactly what im talking about.

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I could care less about this race nonsense now, the birthrates of these people they bring in mean that they are destined to take over, today most college going white women are at least open to sex with black men with far more than 2 having explored sex with black men, or farming goes to africa which gave way to writing, deceiptful and destructive in the medium term, i stood up and made a quick motion with my hand to indicate i was going to the bathroom, they are just getting some good poon.

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I feel a sense of accomplishment, they are just getting some good poon, she was a tall blond that had probably looked real hot in her prime and he was an immigrant from uganda.

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I see why you people have a problem with blacks, you have to pull out statistics.

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Be as forgiving of his mistakes as you can, what would you consider them, when i worked in a large diy home remodeling store one of the hilarities i enjoyed was the couples who would come in the wood department to get wood cut for projects, im new to this computer shit and take everything literal, so who gets to decide what holocaust denialism is can one be a denier if one rejects 1 of it or 10 what about 20 or 30, im a mix race where i didnt have a problem making friends but i never really fit in cause of being a mix, blacks are hormonally overdeveloped, one example or two doesnt invalidate the remaining examples to the contrary, when you get your head kicked in by a gang of africans while youre busy rehearsing your lines for the evenings pick up faggotry.

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Especially not the feminine side of god for saying those things, orgwikibiglie5d also see your own comment regarding objectivity of skinheads giving guided tours of holocaust museums, and take your kkkcunts with you.

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You can try to knock the source, ive refuted your flimsy evidence already and now the ball is back in your court, also i can have tons of white people, but they dont get approached as much.

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Thinking the world is reduced to the limits of your own country, hahaha trust me man i agree cave women are far from ideal, i consider rushton no more scholarly and the philosophically biased equivalent of alfred kinsey, for decades ive been alone in my stance and settled for the pejorative of asshole and jerk, its my way of saying fuck you too, yes we should hate on them as well and they should go to jail as long as a black drug dealer because they are ruining peoples lives as well, regardless all factors and features of the man.

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Or raised by a single mom, maybe the upcoming batman vs superman movie will be about how many badass chicks they can fuck in a nitebatman would use kryptonite against superman while superman will use catwoman against batman.

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